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X-Tension terminal ends

X-Tension guardrail terminal

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X-Tension X-350™ redirective, non-gating guardrail terminal

The world’s first and only fully re-directive TL-3 end treatment for W-beam guardrail, the X-Tension® product utilizes unique technology whereby the system uses tension, rather than compression like other systems, to control vehicle impacts. The X-Tension  product is also marketed under the X-350™ product name in Australia and New Zealand.

In an end-on impact, the X-Tension X-350™ system telescopes and relies on a braking device to contain the vehicle. While for side impacts the anchor design and use of cables ensure that the vehicle is re-directed from post 1. Valmont Highway’s X-Tension system can be used in a tangent position and out to a straight flare of 400mm over its 11.4m of length. X-Tension guardrail terminal in a tangent position (0 – 400mm) has satisfied NCHRP 350 TL-3 criteria.

The X-Tension guardrail terminal was subjected to further compliance testing where the components of the terminal end remained totally unchanged. This time however the flare rate was extended out to 1200mm, over the entire 11.4m of the system, rather than 400mm as per the tangent testing. The result: a W-beam guardrail terminal end that can be used in flared applications. X-Tension in a flared position (400 – 1200mm) has satisfied NCHRP 350 TL-3 criteria.

The median version of the X-Tension system is the ideal solution when an end treatment is required on back-to-back W-beam guardrail in a median location or where vehicle impacts can be on either side of the terminal end. The median version is basically a tangent X-Tension with a second side of key components added which in turn make a double sided system. The X-Tension is a fully re-directive end treatment and is extremely cost effective when compared to traditional roadway crash cushions. The X-Tension median guardrail terminal has satisfied NCHRP 350 TL-3 criteria.

  • Features:
  • Low-cost, end-terminal treatment
  • Superior non-gating performance
  • Available as a tangent or flared system
  • Simple installation
  • The only NCHRP 350 TL-3 tested redirective non-gating guardrail terminal

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