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ArmorCade temporary barrier by Armorflex

ArmorCade temporary barrier

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ArmorCade temporary delineator from Armorflex

Valmont Highway’s ArmorCade™ water filled road barrier is made up of 2.0m long plastic units (MDPE) that join together using integral interlocking lugs to form a continuous delineator. Through innovative design, the Armorflex ArmorCade™ delineator is a water filled road barrier that can be installed straight or with acute radius curves, up to 90 degrees if required.

Contact Valmont Highway or your nearest ArmorCade™ distributor for more information on this or other road safety products.


  • Low procurement costs
  • Low long distance shipping costs (132 units fit into a 40’ container)
  • Low transportation costs (60 units fit a 6m truck deck)
  • Easy installation (no steel pins required)
  • Long lifespan due to quality MDPE construction
  • 100% recyclable (no internal or external steel)
  • Economical use of water (optional)
  • 2.0m unit
  • Secure connection
  • Up to 90˚ curve
  • Stackable, movable
  • Weight 18kg / Height 1.0m / Base Width 280mm

ArmorCade delineator photo gallery - click image to enlarge

  • ArmorCade-Temporary-Barrier-1
  • ArmorCade-Temporary-Barrier-2
  • ArmorCade-Temporary-Barrier-3
  • ArmorCade-Temporary-Barrier-4
  • ArmorCade-Temporary-Barrier-5
  • Armorcade-Temporary-Barrier-7

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