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ArmorWire TL-3

Re-designed and crash tested in 2009, the new ArmorWire™ cable barrier has satisfied NCHRP 350 TL-3 criteria. Learn more...

ArmorWire TL-4

As part of the re-design of the TL-3 system it was crucial that a 4th cable could be added to the ArmorWire™ system as for most median applications this is a prerequisite. This additional cable also meant slightly more height and strength which allowed TL-4 compliance testing to be completed. Learn more...

Universal A.T.E

Due to the 2009 Armorwire cable barrier upgrade, it was necessary to re-design the TL-3 ArmorWire Terminal End (A.T.E) so that it could anchor both 3- and 4-cable systems. This was achieved by modifying the (A.T.E) trigger post only, while all other aspects of the terminal end remained unchanged. Learn more...

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