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ArmorWire TL-3 and TL-4 barrier

ArmorWire cable barrier

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ArmorWire cable barrier safety system from Armorflex

The Armorflex ArmorWire™ TL-4 (or TL-3) cable barrier has been tested to NCHRP 350 criteria for longitudinal cable barriers. It can be used in either edge of road or median applications.

When impacted with an 820, 2000 and 8000kg vehicle at speeds of up to 100kph and side on entry angles up to 25 degrees, the impacting vehicle is re-directed by the ArmorWire™ in a safe manner.

The Armorflex ArmorWire™ cable barrier offers the lowest part count system in the market. This simplifies its installation and repair process, promptly re-establishing road safety, saving more lives.


  • Most user-friendly cable barrier in the market, easiest installation & after-impact repair
  • Lowest vehicle deflection system in its category (NCHRP 350)
  • Exceptional vehicle control and behaviour
  • System with the lowest part count in the market
  • Low cost system installation and maintenance
  • Same system can be used in roadside as well as median application
  • Tested and accepted to NCHRP 350 TL-4 (four wire system) & TL-3 (three wire system)
  • Various foundation pile sizes available
  • Matching NCHRP 350 TL-3 terminal end available Universal (ATE)
  • Minimal build-up in snow or sand environments
  • No sharp edges or exposed hooks on posts

ArmorWire cable barrier photo gallery - click image to enlarge

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  • Armorwire-TL-4-Barrier-Armorflex-6
  • ArmorWire-TL-4-Barrier-Armorflex-5
  • ArmorWire-TL-4-Barrier-Armorflex-4
  • ArmorWire-TL-4-Barrier-Armorflex-3
  • ArmorWire-TL-4-Barrier-Armorflex-2
  • ArmorWire-TL-4-Barrier-Armorflex-1
  • ArmorWire-TL-3-Barrier-Armorflex-5
  • ArmorWire-TL-3-Barrier-Armorflex-4
  • Armorwire-TL-3-Barrier-Armorflex-3-new
  • ArmorWire-TL-3-Barrier-Armorflex-1
  • ArmorWire-TL-3-Barrier-Armorflex-2

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