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ArmorWire Terminal End

Armorflex Universal A.T.E.

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Armorflex Universal A.T.E. barrier system terminal end

The Armorflex Universal A.T.E.™ is tested and accepted to NCHRP 350 TL-3 criteria and as a barrier system terminal end for either 3 or 4 cable barriers.

When an errant vehicle impacts directly with the Universal A.T.E. barrier system terminal end, the cables disconnect from the trigger post de-tensioning the cable barrier immediately. This allows the vehicle to remain on its wheels at all times without snagging or vaulting which is common behaviour on traditional cable barrier anchors.

The Armorflex Universal A.T.E. barrier system terminal end offers the simplest installation and repair process, promptly re-establishing safety on our roads, saving more lives.


  • Exceptionally safe vehicle behaviour (during impact)
  • Suitable for 3 or 4 cable barriers
  • Typically less concrete is required for the anchor piles (compared to other systems)
  • Foundations can be drilled using the same machine used for line post
  • Easily installed and zero maintenance required
  • Easy and fast repair after impact
  • High performance at low cost
  • Tested and accepted to NCHRP 350 TL-3

Universal A.T.E. barrier system photo gallery - click image to enlarge

  • ATE-ArmorWire-Terminal-End-1
  • ATE-ArmorWire-Terminal-End-2
  • ATE-ArmorWire-Terminal-End-3
  • ATE-ArmorWire-Terminal-End-4
  • ATE-ArmorWire-Terminal-End-5
  • ATE-ArmorWire-Terminal-End-6
  • ATE-ArmorWire-Terminal-End-7
  • ATE-ArmorWire-Terminal-End-8
  • ATE-ArmorWire-Terminal-End-9

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