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Design and Development of Highway Safety Innovations

The Valmont Highway quest for safer roads began in 2013 with Armorflex International. Armorflex, an independent company, opened for business in 1997 as a distributor of proprietary and general roadside safety hardware in New Zealand. Most products were sourced from overseas and this served as the core business function in the initial years. However, due to growing industry knowledge and a corresponding passion in road safety, this sales focus soon changed. Armorflex moved into product design and crash testing with the goal of being able to supply its own NCHRP 350 products within New Zealand, and abroad.



In 2004, the X-Tension® terminal end was Armorflex’s first product to be developed, tested and FHWA accepted, and to this day remains the only fully re-directive w-beam terminal end available. This innovative terminal end is now used around the globe and viewed as the premium product to use when anchoring and protecting W-beam guardrail.

Further development of the ‘tension’ based technology led to a family of products including flared, median and 31” high variants becoming available. While more recently the XTENUATOR® crash cushion have had much success in a competitive market.

Armorflex also created a range of innovative safety products required for other situations which includes ArmorWire cable barrier, Raptor® crash cushion, ArmorZone® and Orion® temporary barriers. While the next challenge will be the adaptation to the new FHWA testing standard MASH and the European standard EN1317, where appropriate.

To date significant success and market share has been achieved by the Armorflex range of roadside safety products around the world and this can be attributed to the efforts of the superb network of Distributors currently assigned.

Acquired by Valmont Industries in 2013, and as the primary product brand for Valmont Highway, the Armorflex philosophy remains steadfast - to design, develop and offer high-performance products that provide competitive purchase and installation cost advantages. Based on this, Armorflex products continue to raise the bar and the product range can be found in roadside safety hardware markets around the world.