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W-Beam safety barriers - Ezy-Guard-High-Containment-Barrier

Ezy-Guard High Containment Barrier

valmont ezyguard hc barrier
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Ezy-Guard High Containment Steel Guardrail Barrier

The next generation Steel Guardrail Barrier providing larger vehicle containment and superior motorist safety.

Ezy-Guard HC is the newest member of the Ezy-Guard family. Ezy-Guard HC is crash tested to the latest performance standard, MASH Test Level 4. The Z-post profile shields post edges from vulnerable road users and provides sectional strength when driving through difficult conditions. An Ezy-HC-Carriage is used to secure the Thrie-beam rails to the posts eliminating the requirement for blocking/offset pieces and rail stiffening plates. This unique connection provides a soft ride-down for the occupants and smooth vehicle containment and redirection.


  • Fully Compliant to MASH TL4 The MASH TL4 compliance demonstrates the systems ability to contain and redirect the 10,000kg truck which is 2000kg heavier than the NCHRP-350 TL4 truck.
  • Rapid Installation & Repair Ezy-Guard HC installation can be up to twice as fast to install than conventional guardrail barriers and unlike cable barrier systems, no concrete is required. The Ezy-Guard HC design uses fewer components and features 2,000mm Z-posts that are rapidly driven into the ground. This reduces installation time providing significant cost savings.
  • Narrow Width Ezy-Guard HC is significantly narrower than the traditional guardrail barriers that incorporate the use of blocking pieces. Ezy-Guard HC conserves valuable formation width and allows a greater recovery width to be provided for errant vehicles.
  • Installation in Rock, Asphalt or Concrete Mowing Strips The design of the Z-post makes them suitable for installation in rock, asphalt or concrete mowing strips.
  • Manual Handling Ezy-Guard HC uses fewer components than the public domain guardrail systems. The lightweight Z-post reduces manual lifting by installation crews. The rounded edges of the Z-post provides a handlelike grip when lifting, reducing the possibility of hand lacerations.
  • Quality Materials and Manufacture All rails, posts and carriages are hot-dipped galvanised to provide corrosion-resistance and durability.
  • Soft Ride-Down Decelerations The Ezy-HC-Carriage controls the release of the Thrie-beam rail from the Z-posts. This controlled release reduces the potential for vehicle pocketing and provides a soft ridedown for vehicle occupants.

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