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Orion temporary barrier by Armorflex

Orion temporary barrier

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Orion® temporary barrier from Armorflex

Valmont Highway’s Armorflex Orion® TL-3 temporary barrier is 100% designed, tested and manufactured to NCHRP 350 Test Level 3 (TL-3) criteria for longitudinal road barriers.

Orion® is a low cost, high performance TL-3 temporary road barrier used to provide  positivework zone barrier protection. When impacted with an 820kg or 2000kg vehicle at speeds up to 100kph (62mph) and angles up to 25 degrees, the impacting vehicle is re-directed or contained in a safe manner.

If required, the Orion® TL-3 temporary road barrier end can be protected using the Absorb™ TL-3 crash cushion.

Contact Valmont Highway or your nearest Orion® product distributor for further information.


  • Positive work zone barrier protection
  • Exceptionally good vehicle control and low deflection
  • Easily installed (lightweight compared to concrete)
  • Up to 185m (607’) can be moved on one truck
  • Up to 370m (1214’) can be deployed in one hour
  • Requires anchoring at the first and last units only
  • Low deflection pinning option also available
  • Connects directly to ArmorZone™ TL-2 Barrier
  • Connects directly to the Absorb 350™ crash cushion
  • Low cost and easily repaired after impact
  • Tested to NCHRP 350 criteria test level 3 (TL-3)

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